Tech Tips: Is Facebook Still a Popular Social Media Platform?

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Over the last decade, the world of online social platforms has become increasingly crowded, confusing and somewhat difficult to tell the good ones from the bad ones. The sheer number of platforms and apps that have appeared, disappeared, merged or rebranded is mind boggling. And the rules of use keep changing. But if you’re not on social media it’s nearly impossible to keep up with what’s going on with friends, family and the world around you.

The purpose of this series of articles is to help people who are already on Facebook to connect and share information more effectively with their communities. We’ve gathered some information on how to best use Facebook for organic growth and created a short infographic with some basic tips for engagement.

Follow us over the next few articles for tips on how to build a good group or business page, practice better engagement, use tags and hashtags effectively, and how to protect the security of your account.

Facebook Remains The Top Social Media Platform

Table of: Most popular social networks worldwide as of October 2023, ranked by number of monthly active users (in millions). Source: Statista


There are countless social media platforms floating around the world wide web. At the time of this article, statistics show the  top 36 platforms (those with at least 100 million active users) are mainly dominated by creators/companies based in the USA and China.

So why use Facebook? Because since its introduction it continues to outrank all other apps as the number one social media platform used globally for individuals and businesses with 3.03 billion active users in 2023 – despite the younger generation claiming it’s outdated. Facebook offers a multiple ways to share content, find events, buy and sell things, play games, and offers free direct messaging or video calling through its Messenger platform. Facebook remains the primary social platform used by our target audience of older and vulnerable adults so it is the most convenient way to stay connected and share information with small local groups or a global community.

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Resources to get started on Facebook:

Hubspot: How to Use Facebook: A Beginners Guide


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