Tech Tips: How to Zoom the Screen on Your Computer or Device

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Most websites are formatted to display in an ideal size for the general user and esthetic appeal. Some websites show up with really small words that can be difficult to read for people with vision challenges, necessitating the visitor to magnify the view. Sadly, not many websites have built-in accessibility functions, so here are a few ways to enlarge your view for easier reading.

Recognizing Zoom Icons

Of the few websites that have built-in zoom functions, the tools can be subtle and easy to miss if you aren’t aware of what you’re looking for.

Some sites will put the zoom controls in the top banner of each page and look something like this: Screen zoom indicator showing plus and minus sign with one hundred percent in center

On the BC CRNs website it looks like this and follows the visitor around the site, appearing at the bottom right of the page as they scroll.

Zoom Controls

Depending on the type of computer, browser or mobile device you use, there are a few ways to adjust the magnification of your view.

Computer keyboard shortcuts:

  • Mac keyboard:
    • Zoom in: press Option – Command – Equal Sign (=)
    • Zoom out: press Option – Command – Minus Sign (-)
    • Switch between zoom in and out: press Option – Command – 8
  • PC keyboard:
    • Zoom in: press Control – Plus Sign (+)
    • Zoom out: Control (-)
    • Another option to zoom in or out is: press and hold Control and use the mouse wheel to scroll up the magnification to the desired size

Internet browsers:

  • Chrome: Click on the (tri-colon or kebab) menu icon in the upper right of the screen, locate the zoom option and set your view
  • Firefox: Click on the (hamburger) menu  in the upper right of the screen, locate the zoom option and set your view
  • Microsoft: Click on the (ellipses or meatball) menu icon  in the upper right of the screen, locate the zoom option and set your view

menu settings icons

Mobile devices:

  • iPad:
    • Open Settings – General – Accessibility – then choose the function needed
  • iPhone:
    • Open Settings – Display & Brightness – tap text size – drag to preferred size
    • Zoom the whole screen for pictures or internet: touch the screen with two fingers and slide them apart to zoom
    • To adjust size of text for all functions: Open Settings – Display & Brightness – choose options from menu
  • Android:
    • Open Settings – Accessibility – Magnification and turn on magnification shortcut or tap Magnification Shortcut to choose a specific option
    • Use magnification: tap the accessibility or magnification icon shortcut:
      • Drag 2 fingers to move magnification window
      • Pinch with 2 fingers to adjust zoom


With any device, some of the shortcuts or settings will vary depending on the type and level of operating system running. To make other adjustments to your device for text size, mobility, hearing or speech, check your device model and operating system to search online for the best instructions to access and set your accessibility controls for your best experience.


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