Clutter from hoarding.


According to HealthLinkBC, hoarding is a disorder that “makes people feel a very strong need to collect things.  They can’t bear to think about parting with their things.  Over time, the collected items may take over the person’s house.  The items may cover tables, beds, counters, and floors.  Hallways and rooms – including kitchens and washrooms – may get so cluttered that they can no longer be used or kept clean.

People with this illness may feel very ashamed or guilty about their behaviour.  And yet the idea of getting rid of anything is very upsetting to them.

It can be frustrating to be a family member or friend of someone who has this illness.  But it’s important to remember that it is an illness.

The two main types of treatment are counselling and medicine.  Counselling involves helping the person gradually learn to get rid of unneeded possessions without feeling anxious or worried about it.  Patients may also learn organization, decision-making, and relaxation skills.  Medicine can also help sometimes.  The medicines that help the most are ones that are also used to treat depression and anxiety.”

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