BC Association of Community Response Networks

Our Top 5: Resources for March 2022

  1. BC Centre for Palliative Care (Website): Be sure to bookmark this website for information on what advanced care planning, why everyone should have one, and how to get started. There is also an abundance of resources and publications for health care providers, researchers, and community organizations. (April 16 is also Advanced Care Planning Day: see this month’s Campaigns and Professional Development Events for more information.)
  2. Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre: Managed by the Government of Canada, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre collects information on fraud and identity theft. They provide information on past and current scams affecting Canadians to the public to prevent fraud and scams. If you think you’re a victim of fraud or a scam, be sure to visit this website on how to report it!
  3. Your Money Seniors: This is a free financial education seminar program offered exclusively to Canadian seniors by the Canadian Bankers Association. The seminar is available in person or through Zoom. Be sure to also “like” their Facebook page.
  4. Fridays with Seniors Podcast Series: Aired by the Seniors Services Society of BC, this monthly series is hosted by Dr. Peter Legge of Canada Wide Media. Each podcast takes a deeper look at the lives of seniors in BC, and examines important issues such as housing, supports and services, mental wellness, emergency services, elder abuse, finances, taxes, and digital literacy.
  5. Consumer Protection BC: We recommend following their Facebook page (We do!) to receive information on local scams, and tips on your rights as a consumer in BC.

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(Header photo: Abbotsford CRN)