BC Association of Community Response Networks

Our Top 4: Resources for March

  1. Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) Resources (2021): Some of their most popular topics include financial literacy, debit card fraud, and fraud and scams prevention.
  2. Global Report on Ageism (March 2021): Produced by the World Health Organization (WHO), The report outlines a framework for action to reduce ageism, including specific recommendations for different actors (e.g. government, UN agencies, civil society organizations, private sector). It brings together the best available evidence on the nature and magnitude of ageism, its determinants, and its impact. It outlines what strategies work to prevent and counter ageism, identifies gaps, and proposes future lines of research to improve our understanding of ageism.
  3. COVID-10 and Residential Care Facilities: Issues and Concerns Identified by the International Network Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA) (August 2020): the purpose of this general review is to address three issues affecting older persons living in residential care facilities. Protective measures implemented to block the virus’ entry, the type of mistreatment most frequently experienced, and the necessity to promote and defend the rights of these persons.
  4. Media Scan of Older Adults in Canada during COVID-19 Pandemic: Impacts on Abuse of Older Adults Living in the Community (May 2020): Prepared for the Canadian Network Prevention of Elder Abuse (CNPEA), by Dr. K. Roger of Community Health Sciences from the University of Manitoba and his team, this report explores the more recent events of COVID-19, and themes found to date in an ongoing media scan. The report frames an understanding of abuse of older adults in regards to what has been reported by the media about older adults living in the community in Canada during the time of COVID-19.

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