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How to Advance the Human Rights of Older Persons

As the world population continues to age, the human rights of older persons is an increasingly concerning issue. Stereotypes and marginalization are just two challenges, subjecting older people to discrimination and exclusion in our society and public spaces. The Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People aims to change that and you can play a role.

Age With Rights! is the global campaign supporting a new UN convention on the rights of older people, coordinated by the Global Alliance. This global campaign calls for a UN convention to ensure equal human rights for older people in all societies. 

Age with Rights! Global Rally

The annual Global Rally is an annual flagship initiative of the campaign.

You can read more about the Global Rally 2022 here and find out how to get involved with the upcoming Global Rally 2023 here.

You do not have to be a member organization of the Global Alliance to support and engage with the campaign. Every voice is welcome.

Why is this important?

Most countries consider aging to be a matter dealt with through social services and healthcare. These mechanisms don’t consider the whole person, one with legal rights and opportunities to live fulfilling lives.

This movement will take action to develop guidelines and human rights policies regarding all areas of life for older adults. As the UNHC writes, there is nothing to protect the dignity and rights of older persons as they participate fully in their societies.

How to support the rights for older persons movement

By supporting the Global Rally and submitting your organization’s activities to the Global Alliance, you will help build the momentum needed to influence change. The thirteenth session of the UN Open Ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWG13) will take place April 3-6, 2023. Your activities will add support to OEWG13’s work to address the human rights of older people, and to identify possible gaps and how best to address them, including through considering the possibility of new human rights instruments.

We hope you will join a webinar hosted by the BC Association of Community Response Networks and Age Knowble on February 27, 2023, at 10 AM (PST). We will kick off the Age with Rights global campaign in B.C. and talk about the Alliance’s Global Summit on March 1. 

Learn more about the work being done for the rights of older persons in BC by reading more about the event and registering for the webinar