BC Association of Community Response Networks

BC CRN Invited to Speak at RCMP Workshop Event

educational presentation to a room full of people

BC CRN had the privilege of attending and presenting at a special two-day event, Mental Health and Elder Abuse Workshop, for a group of officers and victim services representatives from the BC RCMP (E-Division).  Executive Director, Sherry Baker, and Director of Administration, Sharon Johnson, were part of a small group of educational speakers on the topic of elder abuse for day two, held at a private location in Chilliwack. The BC CRN was pleased to sponsor the refreshments for elder abuse day, providing coffee and donuts for the occasion.  

The BC RCMP is the largest police body in the province, serving all but 12 municipalities, and operating at all three levels of authority: federal, provincial and municipal in most of the communities they serve. The BC division is also the largest in Canada. 

The event had over 120 attendees with one full day dedicated to each topic. The workshops were created to educate and provide tools and resources to RCMP personnel, with the focus on  engagement methods that reflect a culturally responsive approach and increase public trust.  

Presenters helped to clarify and review what designated agencies have legislative authority in various situations, and how it differs from the authority the RCMP are able to exercise in call-outs. Also discussed were ways each designated agency can work with RCMP in response to emergency calls as well as exploring educational partnerships to create greater awareness and prevention. The overarching goal of workshops like this is to explore strategies on how to better manage a 911 call,  and ultimately reduce 911 calls, involving mental health or elder abuse situations through collaboration and education. 

Registrants were responsive and happy to have resource hand-outs for their communities and discussed partnering with BC CRN for future workshop events. 

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