Spread the Word Guide

Spread the Word Guide


Spread The Word Guide (2016) PDF File

Who this Guide is For

  • CRN Coordinators
  • Regional Mentors

Purpose of this Guide

To help coordinate consistent messaging across the CRNs in BC during major provincial/national events on adult abuse and neglect throughout the calendar year.

How to Use this Guide

Use this guide as your starting point for:

  • Content. (No need to write anything from scratch!)
  • Activities to compliment or refresh your community level efforts.
  • For those on social media, or thinking about starting a social media presence, use the sample posts in this guide to keep your social media content fresh throughout the year, and aligned to other CRNs.

Copy and paste as much or as little as you choose.

This guide contains samples of:

  • Awareness building activities.
  • Media releases.
  • Posts for social media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook). Note: Link your activities to your CRN’s mandate, and the intent of the event or campaign you choose to participate in.

Acting on the Ideas in this Guide

Choose the activities that make sense in your CRN.

There is no obligation to implement all suggestions.

The main purpose is to coordinate and align your content to others in the province to raise awareness of adult and abuse in communities.

Some examples on how to use the contents in this guide:

  • Social media: Choose from the list of sample posts, fill in the blanks, and publish to your CRN’s Facebook or Twitter page.Pace your posts before, during, and after your event.
  • Notify the press of your event(s): Choose from the sample press releases in this guide, copy and paste the text you need, fill in any blanks in your final copy, and send it to your community paper.Be sure your media contact is aware of the release going out. This person needs to be available before the event, and should be on site during your event if press decide to appear.
  • Partner with local organizations and agencies: Community agencies may already have longstanding events in place. Ask the executive director or event manager about the possibility to plug into their event.Some supporting activities your CRN could contribute might include:
      • Producing a brochure or fun quiz to distribute.
      • Helping manage a booth or table.
      • Providing take-aways (e.g. BC CRN pens, erasers, brochures, posters, etc. if available).
      • Suggesting speakers or recommending other activities.

Contact for Questions and Concerns

  • Help is always available. Stay in regular contact with your Regional Mentor or Team Leader.
  • Remember, sharing great news and the outcomes of your event(s) are equally important!
  • CRN Coordinators: your Regional Mentor is your key contact.
  • Regional Mentors: contact your Team Leader with your questions and issues.