BC CRN Overview Guide

BC CRN Overview Guide


BC CRN Overview Guide

Who this Guide is For

  • New BC CRN Board Members
  • New BC CRN Regional Consultants
  • New BC CRN Regional Mentors
  • New BC CRN Network Coordinators and Co-Coordinators
  • New BC CRN Contractors

Purpose of this Guide

To provide an overview of:

  • The role of BC CRN and what the organization does.
  • How BC CRN fits with other groups in addressing the issue of adult abuse and neglect.
  • The kind of support you can expect from BC CRN and where to find it.

How to Use this Guide

Use this guide:

  • To learn about BC CRN, and what the organization does.
  • To understand how other organizations connect to BC CRN.
  • As a baseline resource to communicate the role of BC CRN to the general public.

Contact for Questions and Concerns

Help is always available. Stay in regular contact:

  • CRN Coordinators: your Team Leader is your key contact.
  • Regional Mentors: contact your Regional Consultant with your questions and issues.
  • Contractors: contact your client representative on the management team.
  • Board members: BC CRN’s Executive Director is your point of contact.

Acknowledgements and Thanks

BC CRN acknowledges the financial support of the Province of BC.