Coordinator Grant Forms

On behalf of the team at BC CRN and all our BC communities and the vulnerable adults who live among us, thank you for taking on the responsibility for administering your local Community Response Network (CRN).

Since the introduction of the Coordinator Grants, we have seen an increase in reporting, which in turn has provided the BC CRN with evidence of increased impact throughout the province.  Increased collective impact is how we know the community work you are coordinating is making a difference.

The following list is what is required for July 31 or sooner to receive $1,000.00:

1.  Attendance at the Annual General Meeting – via Zoom – June 22, 2023 at 5 pm (1 hour)
2.  Local Community Contact List completed.
3.  Affiliates List completed.
4.  Activity Report completed.
5.  Coordinator in place.
6.  If necessary due to changes, update your BC CRN Agreement.

We will confirm payment instructions and forward your grant funds after the requirements have been completed.  There is no need to submit an invoice.

By February 28, 2023 the additional requirements to receive the next $1,000 are:

1.  Project completed and reported to BC CRN.  A project grant for up to $5,000 may be applied for.
2.  Coordinator in place.

Please contact your regional mentor or the Coordinator of Data, Grants & Agreements with any questions.