Coastal Coalition Community Response Network

Communities Served:

  • Ucluelet
  • Tofino
  • Hitacu
  • Macoah
  • Tyltistanis
  • Hot Springs
  • Esowista
  • Upitsaht
  • ACRD Area C
  • Ahousaht

Faye Missar
Phone: (250) 725-2219

Regional Mentors:
Jane Osborne
Alyssa Christensen

Host Agency:
Coastal Family Resource Coalition

Community Contact List:
2020 Community Contact List – Coastal Coalition

This contact information will put you in touch with people who are able to give you more information about services in your area. They are typically available during business hours Monday to Friday. Should this be an emergency situation, please consider calling your local RCMP detachment or the Police authority for your area.