Chinese Community Response Network


The Chinese CRN launched in 2018 in Burnaby, BC.  It is also one of a few of the organization’s CRNs that are borderless and aims to address the needs of the whole adult Chinese population in Metro Vancouver. As of the 2016 census, there were just under 500,000 Chinese Canadians living in the Greater Vancouver area, making up 20% of the area total population. While this community’s members originated from different areas- Hong Kong mostly, but also Mainland China and Taiwan- they have shared experiences and require similar support.

華人社區響應網絡於 2018 年在卑詩省本拿比成立,旨在滿足大溫哥華地區所有華裔成人的需求,是其中一個跨區的響應網絡。 2016年人口普查顯示,幾乎接近50萬華裔加拿大人居住在大溫地區,佔該地區總人口的20%。 雖然華裔人口來自不同地區——主要是香港,但也有來自中國大陸和台灣——他們經歷相近,並需要適切華人文化的支援。

Communities Served 服務的社區:

  • Chinese Community 華人社區
To download Chinese CRN Partner Directory for Chinese Seniors in British Columbia – Simplified Chinese, please click the photo.
欢迎点击图片下载华人社区响应网络机构伙伴服务指南 – 简体中文版
To download Chinese CRN Partner Directory for Chinese Seniors in British Columbia – Traditional Chinese, please click the photo.
歡迎點擊圖片下載華人社區響應網絡機構夥伴服務指南 – 繁體中文版

NEW! BC CRN Tri-Fold Brochure Chinese (English version) 卑詩省社區響應網絡三折小冊子-華人社區響應網絡 (英文版)

NEW! BC CRN Tri-Fold Brochure Chinese (Simplified Chinese translated version) 卑诗省社区响应网络三折小册子-华人社区响应网络 (简体中文版)

NEW! BC CRN Tri-Fold Brochure Chinese (Traditional Chinese translated version) 卑詩省社區響應網絡三折小冊子-華人社區響應網絡 (繁體中文版)

⻑者分享2023年「新春送暖表愛心行動」帶來的積極影響 A senior’s sharing on the positive impact of the Chinese New Year
Community Caring Project 2023 (English translation)

長者健康生活/法律/虐老資源列表 Chinese Elder Abuse Tools & Resources List

卑詩省華裔長者服務與活動網上資訊站 Online Resources Hub for Chinese Seniors in BC

華人社區響應網絡資源卡 Chinese CRN Resource Card (2022年6月更新, 2020 June  Updated)

大溫中文社區服務卡 Chinese CRN Outreach Card – Metro Vancouver (最新刊物 New)

長者受虐 – 保護弱勢耆英社群冊子 Elder Abuse Booklet – Traditional Chinese

长者受虐 – 保护弱势耆英社群册子 Elder Abuse Booklet – Simplified Chinese

華人社區響應網絡臉書專頁 Chinese CRN Facebook Page

華人社區響應網絡 Youtube 頻道 Chinese CRN Youtube Channel

華人社區響應網絡最新活動 Chinese CRN Upcoming Events

《中僑新天地》2022年7月報導 「耆英生活多姿彩」線下及 網上分享會成功舉辦  The Vibrant Life of Seniors in Community (WEAAD 2022 Community Event featured in S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Evergreen News 2022 July)

关爱长者 我写了一个电视短剧 Volunteer’s article on 2022 WEAAD Event 

让长者活得有尊严 视频广播短剧首映式 Volunteer’s article on 2021 WEAAD Event

視頻 Videos

Coordinator 統籌:
Daisy Au 歐小姐
Phone 電話: (604) 254-9626 ext 內線 1005

Regional Mentor 區域啟導顧問:
Joanna Li

Host Agency 合作主辦機構:
MOSAIC BC 務適移民服務社

Local Community Contact List 本地社區聯絡資料庫:
Chinese CRN – Local Community Contact List 華人社區響應網絡 – 社區聯絡資料庫

Chinese Mental Health Service Resource List 心理健康/社區服務資料 (Published by Canadian Mental Health Association Vancouver-Fraser Branch 加拿大心理衞生會-溫哥華菲沙分處發佈)

This contact information will put you in touch with people who are able to give you more information about services in your area. They are typically available during business hours Monday to Friday. Should this be an emergency situation, please consider calling 9-1-1, your local RCMP detachment or the Police authority for your area.

以上聯絡資料有助於為你聯繫到一些機構職員為你提供你所在地區服務的更多資訊 。 他們通常在周一至週五的營運時間內工作。 如果這是緊急情況,請考慮致電 9-1-1、當地皇家騎警分隊或你所在地區的警察局。



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