Designated Agencies


If you are concerned about adult abuse, neglect, or self-neglect, you may choose to report the concerns to a designated agency.  Designated agencies have a legal responsibility to address any report they receive.

According to the Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia:

“Designated agencies work with the adult to give the kind of support they want and need.  This may include informal support from friends, family, and advocates.  It may also include other services such as home support, meal services, or a day program.  Many situations will be addressed in this way.

If the situation cannot be resolved informally, is urgent or dangerous, and the designated agency is concerned that the adult seems unable to get assistance on their own due to a physical restraint, physical handicap, or an illness, disease, injury, or other condition that affects their ability to make decisions, the Adult Guardianship Act gives designated agencies legal tools to protect adults.”

Designated Agencies in British Columbia

For more information on designated agencies in British Columbia, please review the Public Guardian and Trustee’s information on BC’s Adult Guardianship Laws.