“Thank you so much for organizing the Lunar New Year event at the May Wah Hotel. It was heartwarming to see our residents enjoying their gifts, meals, and entertainment when most of them typically would have not had anyone to celebrate with otherwise.

We would like to feature the CRN and Vancouver Second Mile Society on our social media channels to bring awareness to what you do, as you serve such an overlooked need in Chinatown.

Lunar New Year was a very special celebration this year at the May Wah Hotel with the Chinese Community Response Network and Vancouver Second Mile Society. Our residents were touched by your gifts of care packages, Laisi, and delicious meals. Thank you for all the work you do in the community for the seniors, who are underserved and the most vulnerable. It was heartwarming to see our residents enjoying the lively energy you brought into the building.”

     – Feedback from Vancouver Chinatown Foundation

“How wonderful to be part of such a heart-warming celebration of the coming lunar New Year – thanks so much for all the hearty effort from you and your community partners, to arrange it for senior residents!  Appreciate the lively performances full of positive and contagious energy!”

     – Participant of the Chinese CRN Warmth & Caring Action Project

“I am so glad that elderly abuse is being discussed as well as ways in which we can become involved.  Thank you very much!”

     – Participant of an It’s Not Right! community presentation